Microwave photonics and its applications

Radio over fiber for mobile communications


Temporal pulse shaping for arbitrary waveform generation

Research description

Microwave photonics is an interdisciplinary area combining microwave and photonics worlds, which is one of the international research focus in recent years. Microwave photonics mainly deals with the photonic devices and systems operating in the microwave/millimeter-wave bands. Benefit from the advantages of photnics approaches, such as large bandwidth, low loss, etc, microwave photonics is capable of realizing the functions which are difficult or even impossible in conventional electronics, so as to meet the increasing frequency and bandwidth demands in modern communications.

Our team is one of the pioneers in China to carry out research activities in the field of microwave photonics. Our research focus in this line includes photonic generation and processing of microwave signal, opto-electronic oscillator, transmission of microwave photonic signal, photonic analog-to-digital conversion, and optically controlled phased array antennas, etc.

Contacts: Prof. Hao CHIProf. Xianmin ZHANG