Millimeter-wave/THz photonic wireless communications

Application scenario of high speed millimeter-wave/THz photonic wireless communications.

Roadmap of data rates evolution in wireless access.

Experimental 16-QAM constellation.

Research description

Following the wireless technology roadmap and pushing the envelope beyond the state-of-the-art broadband wireless access, vision of Next Generation communication systems for 2020 aims at developing novel technologies and systems allowing up to 1 Tbit/s wireless link rate. To support 1 Tbit/s wireless data rate, the minimum required bandwidth is around 0.2 THz to obtain a reasonable signal-to-noise ratio, the spectrum naturally falls into the millimeter-wave (30-300 GHz) and even THz (300 GHz-10 THz) bands. This research line to benefit high capacity in optical communication and to explore large available bandwidth in millimeter-wave and THz frequency range for accommodating the demand of very high wireless access rates.

Contacts: Xianbin YU, Research Professor